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Chris and I practiced his script. And now we're getting ready for an afternoon movie date. In the shower.

"Turn around," I rasp. He obeys. I kiss the nape of his neck, his shoulders. I reach into the little shower kit for the lube. "I love you..."

He closes his eyes and rests his forehead against the tile. "I love you, Z..." He opens his legs just a little wider.

I slick my cock and then slide into him slowly. I leet out a moan and stay still. "So good..."


"I'm here, feel so good..." I rasp and start to move.
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Chris is having a rough time of it, dealing with the fallout from leaving his managment and them suing him. I've been trying to help him feel better but I don't know how much I've actually helped. At least he got some sleep last night eventually. He had me worried though...

"I'm glad I woke up and that you were able to get some rest..." I say. "Next time I want you to wake me up, ok?"

He frowns...and I bust out his first and middle name, Christopher Whitelaw. He chuckles. "Okay...I will."

"Good... and about we get some food in you?"
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Chris and I are having a great dinner to end a not so great day. Actually we're having desert and it's this amazing cake he made. He had a rough day... he's feeling very down on himself because of this lawsuit but... I hope I've helped a bit to make him see he doesn't have to be.

After informing me the cake is dark chocolate I said it was healthy. "So healthy we can have it for breakfast," he says with a wink.

"Now you're talking," I grin and eat a big bite.

" I really thought you were gonna fight me on that one..." he grins as we finish the cake.

"You might have to roll me inside..."
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Chris and I are taking a late afternoon swim. He asked me to make love to him... and he wanted it a little rough...

"Oh, Zach!" he buries his face against my neck and holds on to me for all that he's worth. He feel thick and so fucking hard. "Please..."

His nails are digging into my arms and he's probably leaving marks... "Anything you want..." I breathe and start to drive into him.
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Chris is pretty down about this lawsuit his former managment has filed. I don't think it's anything to be alarmed about but he's not used to it and he's really worried. I'm trying to cheer him up with retail therapy which I wasn't sure would work since he seems to thinnk he might have to start making our clothes and what not but... I think I've at least temporarily cheered him up.

We stop at the pet store and grab a cart. I let him push the cart as always cause he really likes to do it, which is the cutest. We get two bags of dog food...Skunk has a sensitive tummy so he can't eat what Noah eats. We get a replacement Kong ball...a big bag of cat food and a fresh, green catnip plant. "They are so going to love this," he says.

I smile. "Definitely," I say.
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Chris and I had a really romantic day and night. There were fireworks... literal and otherwise. We're ending it the best possible way, wrapped up in each other. I'm caught up in him, in the pleasure written on his face, his pounding heart, his soft moans. I drive into him a few more times and come too. "My love," I breathe, tears spilling past my lashes.

I press my cheek against his...and my tears mingle with his as we hold each other tightly. "Oh, Z..."

I hold him tightly, too overcome with love to speak.
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Chris is grilling us a romantic dinner before we go watch some fireworks. I think we're creating some of our own though.. I can see the sparks dancing in the air. Speaking of dancing, he just serenaded me as we danced. I watch him go tend the grill as I drink some more wine. "You really have a great voice..."

"I'm glad you like it," he says with a smile. "I love to sing...but most of the time I'm only good in the shower."

"I don't think that's true... you need to give yourself more credit. You sing and play the guitar beautifully."
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We had a great breakfast out and shopped for some food for dinner. We make our way to the car and drive home. We get the bags inside and let the dogs go out. I flop onto the couch. "Come cuddle with me..."

"Getting our cuddle on!" he bounds over to the couch and flops on top of me him.

"Oooomph," I say. "Hey there..."
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Chris and I are having a nice dinner of cold chicken, deviled eggs and champagne, which goes with everything. We'retaking about what we imagine marriage was like-- for me it was arguing and bills...

"We've had tiffs," he says with a wink. "And I'm sure someday we'll argue over money but...there will be more of moments like these than moments like those."

"Money? WHy would we ever fight over money?" I say, confused.

"Well...if I never actually make any...I could see that getting frustrating for you..." he says sheepishly."Or if you have to put me through grad school..."

"We'll just sell your porsche," I tease. "I don't know if I'll get frustrated but... I don't worry about it. And you shouldn't either."
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We're enjoying our time together for our honeymoon here on the edge of the world. It really does feel like that... like it's just us... and nothing but peace and quiet. It's perfect. We had a picnic on the beach, we swam a little, we made love and now we're showering. The water is hot and feels amazing. " you want to smell like vanilla or lavender?" he asks and picsk up two bottles of shower gel.

"Mmmm... you pick," I smirk.
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We got married, we made love until the sun came up... and now we're having breakfast before we pass out for awhile. The food is amazing and so is the brightness in his eyes even if he also looks tired as anything. "Eat your food...we need to get our nap on."

I dig in. "God so good..."

"I'll always keep your belly full," he smiles softly.

"You always do... and my heart..."
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It's still our wedding night... turning into morning I guess though still plenty dark out. We've moved from our bed to sit outside on the sand. The plan is to watch the sun rise and drink momosas and make love. Not necessarily in that order. We head downstairs and grab a bottle of champagne and orange juice and two glasses. "Snacks?" I ask and he nods. I grab a plate of cheese and crackers that were from the reception and we make our way outside. "It's nice out..." I say, putting the stuff down as he pulls two lounge chairs close together, facing the water.

He puts the plate on the arms of the two chairs so it's between us and we get settled in, I pour us drinks. We sit with blankets wrapped around us...eating and drinking. "The wedding was spectacular...but this is pretty damn spectacular, too..."

I smile. "This is... my favorite thing... you and me... just... enjoying being together..."
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Our wedding day is nearly over... and we're both anxious to be alone. It really has been a wonderful day filled with love and all our friends and family but... we need each other now. We're eating our wedding cake.

"THis is the happiest I've ever been."

"I can see it in your eyes," he smiles. "Your eyes have always told me everything I need to know..."

"I'm glad you can see all that and know me so well..." I murmur.

He touches my face, runs his thumb over the creases at the corner of my eye. "Your eyes are so bright right now...your smile touches them, lights them up..."

"Thanks to you..."
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It's been a beautiful and emotional day so far. The perfect wedding day. And now we're dancing. Well... Chris is... trying to dance... Beau and her girlfriend come over and dance with us...and Beau asks Zach why he doesn't save me from myself. "What did she mean?" Chris asks between songs.

" appreciation for good dancing..." I say, kissing his cheek.

"Are you just trying to spare my feelings?"

"I think whatever you do is beautiful," I say.
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I got Chris a wedding gift and right after we take our shower and start getting ready I decide to give it to him. "Hey... I-- I wanted to give you something. It's a -- well it's a wedding present... I want to give it to you now..." I hand him the box. Inside is a platinum rolex submariner and the back is engraved with "i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart)".

He opens the box...and his breath catches in my throat. "Zach..." he gasps. I take the box from him and take the watch him the engraving on the back. "'s gorgeous..." he blinks and the tears roll down his cheeks as I fastes the watch around his wrist.

"No matter where you go... you can think of the ticks as the steady ticking of my heart for you..." I say.
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We're making breakfast, well Chris and his dad are... and I'm getting a little heart to heart with Chris' mom in the kitchen on the day of the wedding. She wanted be sure that I was doing this for me... and I am. I really do want to marry him.

"I want to commit publicly, in front of our family and friends."

"Okay," she says and pats my cheek, then kisses it. "Now I am back to being a mother-in-law," she says with a wink.

"Can I get you anything, mom?" I smile.

"A mimosa," I say with a smile.

"Coming right up," I say.
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We're having dinner and mingling after our rehearsal for the wedding. I've been chatting with my brother and Katie but now I'm headed over to see if I can collect my husband. "Excuse me, I'm gonna go see if I can retrieve my better half..."

I cross the room to where he's chatting animatedly with Beau and another woman. "Hey..." I say. "Hope I'm not intruding..."
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We're having a little wine and snacks waiting for everything to start up for our rehearsal dinner. Chris eats some veggies and pita with hummus and I steal a few carrots. "How's your back, Bob?"

Bob gives me a thumbs up. "I'm aces," He says. I look at Gwynne who rolls her eyes and I laugh.

"Don't push yourself," Chris warns him. "If you need to sit down, do it...don't tough it out."

"Aye aye, Captain," Bob says.

I giggle. "Eat some of this cheese, captain," I say.
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Here comes the... groom. It's rehearsal day at long last. Day before the big day and our house in Big Sur is being transformed. I went over to Chris' parents place to help his dad with their bags since he apparently pulled something a few days ago. I'm back now, holding hands with Chris in our back yard as everything is set up. "Nervous?"

"Nope. Well...I am a little concern that I'll twist my ankle walking to the alter but that's as far as the anxiety goes," he laughs and looks into my eyes. "You?"

"Cool as the proverbial cucumber," I smile. He arches his eyebrow. "Nervous I'll stumble over the vows..."

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