Jul. 17th, 2010

ersatzach: (where's waldo?)
It's been a few days-- a few of the longest days of my life I might add-- since I've seen Chris. We've talked, to be sure, and texted. I sent him a few more haikus, one was very racy, truth be told. But since the last night we saw each other, the night of Thai and talking, we stayed away. I'm not sure-- not really sure why. I mean, for my part, yes, I wanted to give him some space. I wanted to seem like I wasn't needy or desperate. It's one thing to be vulnerable, another to be clingy. And besides, Chris didn't say he wanted to see me so I guess he needed the time away...

But tonight we're seeing each other-- to go to a concert. Not just a concert but Chris' former lover and current best friend's band. It should be... fascinating. I'm dressed to impress. Well, if the crowd were hipster's from LA and let's be honest, they most likely are. Wearing Marc Jacobs jeans that fit like a fucking glove and this tight t-shirt that I washed four times to get to shrink this much.

I drive up to Chris' apartment to pick him up and go up the stairs. I'm almost-- I'm vibrating-- on the inside, of course. I inhale and knock three times.

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