Oct. 17th, 2010

ersatzach: (black and gold)
Chris and I had an eventful flight here to Pittsburgh to meet my mom. We've finally gotten to her house and we're on the doorstep.

I knock even though I have the keys. I'm feeling a bit nervous too. I've never done this before, brought a boyfriend home. I've had boyfriends my mom has met on occasion but never seriously, not like this. The door opens and my mom says my name and hugs me tightly. I hug her back. "Hey, mom."

"Zach look at you! You're so thin, why aren't you eating more?" she says, shaking her head a little.

"It's Trek, ma. I'm training a lot."

She clucks at me and then looks at Chris. "Zachary John, stop being rude."

"Sorry, mom, this is Chris Pine. You've met on the phone of course but... here he is, cuter in person, like I promised."

"Christopher!" She comes toward him and wraps her arms around him, hugs him so tightly that for a momenthe looks like he can't breathe.

"So good to meet you, Mrs. Quinto," he saysand hugs her back for all he's worth.

I smile. "Can we go inside, mom? It's cold out here and Chris has thin Californian blood," I say. She says we'll toughten him up later but yes, come inside, she will make coffee. Chris is grinning already. "Coffee is the way to his heart," I say.

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