Oct. 25th, 2010

ersatzach: (eyebrow)
It was a wonderful day. An emotional one, too, again. Something about being home with Chris is making me open up even more. The only snafu is... my mom caught us coming out of the bathroom after we'd... oh my. I am still not entirely comfortable with this sex in my mom's home thing.

We were originally going to go parking tonight (my idea, something about nailing Chris on teh back seat of a car appeals to me...) but instead we're having a quiet dinner at a lovely little place I used to frequent quite often when at CMU. We've ordered saki and some traditional appetizers.

"Anything you want," I say to him as he looks over the menu. I think about our first date, how he was agog at the restaurant. "Did you think I was trying too hard that first night when we had our dinner date? I wanted to blow your socks off," I laugh.

"You did blow my socks off...with the restaurant and...everything that followed..." he admits. "I didn't think you were trying to hard...and I have to say...it was nice to be wined and dined."

"I love taking you out. It's just-- there's something to be said for a well planned dinner date. Classic, you know?" I smile softly, sip my saki.

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